About Us

Madhouse Teeshirt Designs, LLC, was started in December of 2004. A simple sketch drawn by owner and creator Jared Aronson caught the eye of a friend. Jared was asked if the design could be placed on a t-shirt for a local benefit. Up until his first t-shirt, Jared’s drawings had been a gateway to fun and freedom. And ever since he made his first tee, the want to inspire and humor the people around him has helped turn ideas into a business reality.

Madhouse is fueled by laughter. Our t-shirt concept is derived from Jared’s unique sense of humor. Our goal is to use these funny designs to entertain the world through clever and humorous clothing. While originality is very important to us, we believe a funny t-shirt does not need to be overly offensive to be affective.

As Madhouse continues to grow and change, we add new original designs to our collection. Be sure to check the website regularly to stay in the Madhouse loop.